Technology Forum

Are you interested in delving into the latest advancements in digital identity technologies? Do you want to stay at the forefront of technological development, voice your own perspectives, and influence the future of digital interactions?

The Technology Forum showcases Findynet’s progress from a technological perspective and discusses current topics and lessons learned from our projects. The event is open to all those interested in Findynet, digital identity, and related technologies.

The Findynet Technology Forum meets every three weeks on Thursday from 10 to 11 am Eastern European Time.

Technology Forum materials can be found on Findynet SharePoint: Technology Forum

The forum is held mainly in Finnish; occasionally in English if necessary.

Invitation to the meeting (ICS)

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Join the Teams meeting

  • Are you experiencing issues with accessing the meeting?

    If you encounter any issues with the meeting invitation or joining the Teams meeting, please send a message to In your message, include details about what you were trying to do, when you attempted it, and any specific error messages you received. If possible, include a screenshot of any error messages you encountered.

  • Why is Microsoft Teams being used?

    Using Microsoft Teams doesn’t incur any additional costs for Findynet, as it’s included in our Microsoft software package.

    Many Finnish organizations use Teams both internally and with their stakeholders.

    We’ve also tried Zoom and Jitsi, but they’ve had issues with functionality, and as far as we understand, Jitsi is less common in Finland.

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