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Findynet’s mission is to simplify the sharing and management of information for both individuals and organizations. There’s a broad recognition of scenarios where digital credentials and wallets could enhance the efficiency of transactions and bolster trust.

For instance, proofs such as certifications of professional skills, academic degrees, licenses, or membership in specific groups like senior citizens and students are vital for interacting with various entities.

In the business world, proofs can be utilized for example in demonstrating the right to represent a company, the right to offer certain services, such as the right to sell alcohol, or in showing that they have passed a health authority inspection and thus meet certain requirements.

We promote the use of digital credentials by building trust ecosystems around use cases

To realize the benefits of digital credentials and wallets, common rules must be established between entities issuing credentials and those using them. Together, the issuers, users, and verifiers of credentials form a trust ecosystem.

The trust ecosystem needs to agree on common rules to ensure that interactions within the ecosystem are seamless and secure, and that it is easy for new actors to join. These rules will address issues such as the content of credentials, the management of their life cycle, and the rights and obligations of ecosystem participants. This holistic approach ensures the functionality and efficiency of the ecosystem and provides a clear and reliable framework for participation.

Findynet supports the building of ecosystems by promoting cooperation between different actors and provides expertise in the development and management of trust ecosystems. Findynet also ensures interoperability between credential agents for issuers and recipients of credentials connected to the Findynet network, as well as between users’ digital wallets.

Furthermore, Findynet offers infrastructure services for trust ecosystems, including a trust registry and a revocation registry. These services are crucial for trust ecosystems, as they establish the foundation for seamless and secure transactions between various parties. The trust registry enables different actors to be confident that they are not relying on an untrusted service, whose provider might claim to be someone they are not. The revocation registry, on the other hand, facilitates the verification of credentials’ validity.


Verification of benefits in public transport

HSL (Helsinki Region Transport), Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland), and Findynet initiated a collaboration in January 2024 to create an benefit verification ecosystem. In the first phase, we have launched a project to digitalize the process of granting public transport discounts to retirees. The project aims to design a seamless digital process where Kela issues a credential into the retiree’s digital wallet, which can be used in HSL’s electronic ticketing service. The goal is to create a general-purpose process that can be expanded to other special group proofs and utilized in other sectors as well.

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Use cases

Stay informed

Findynet Cooperative actively explores and investigates use cases where the utilization of digital credentials could streamline processes and increase trust among various parties. The use cases and our findings are presented in regular technology and ecosystem forums. Presentations at these forums have included topics such as eReceipts, retiree credentials, and secure communication channel. The best way to stay updated is by participating in the forums and by getting involved with Findynet’s activities.

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Findynet infrastructure services for trust ecosystems

Findynet provides expert support and infrastructure services to trust ecosystems, including a trust registry and a revocation registry. These services are essential for ecosystems as they lay the foundation for smooth and secure transactions between various actors.

The trust registry enables actors to ensure they are not relying on an untrustworthy service, whose provider might claim to be someone they are not.

The revocation registry allows for the checking of an issued credential’s validity.

Findynet enables the future of seamless e-services

Trust online is built on verified data controlled by the users themselves. Contact us to find out more about Findynet’s solutions.

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