Digital credentials help you share and use data securely

We offer expert services as well as technical solutions to help organizations achieve their business goals through the utilization of digital credentials. Digital credentials enable:

  • A secure way to transact for end-users
  • Opportunities to streamline processes, manage risks, and create new operational methods

Findynet supports the formation of trust ecosystems

Digital credentials are an effective solution when a credential issued by one party can be used to interact with multiple other parties. In this case, using credentials can save a lot of effort for multiple parties, as instead of building integrations, customers are given the opportunity to share information about themselves with the desired parties. The entities issuing and verifying credentials together form trust ecosystems, and we support their formation by offering expert support and technical services.

Expert support

Technical services

Digital credentials provide various benefits

For the issuer, a digital credential can help better serve customers and partners and enhance the customer experience. In the best case scenario, for instance, an old paper-based process can be replaced with a digital one or the delivery of the credential can be facilitated reliably to the correct address.

For the verifier, significant advantages can arise from reducing misuse, streamlining processes, and reducing the need for integration work.

We want to make our customers’ lives easier by using reliable and validated information in new and customer-oriented ways.


Janne Pulkkinen, Chief Innovation Officer | Kela


Findynet cooperative builds a general-purposetrust network for verified data

Findynet Cooperative is a non-profit, public-private collaborative organisation developing a general-purpose, shared and secure trusted network for verifiable data.

Using the Findynet network, individuals and organisations can share their data in a privacy-preserving way with those who need it.

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Findynet enables the future of seamless e-services

Trust online is built on verified data controlled by the users themselves. Contact us to find out more about Findynet’s solutions.

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