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Findynet has created simple demos and experiments to demonstrate the practical use of digital credentials and identity wallet applications.

These demos and experiments are lightweight and quick, often building on existing groundwork. However, the user experience and layout have not been refined, and the implementation has not been thoroughly tested for bugs. Additionally, many of the demos run on limited resources, and no particular attention has been paid to their availability or performance.

If a demo is not functioning properly, please inform us, and we will make every effort to resolve the issue promptly. If contains information about a demo failure, reporting it is no longer necessary.

Friend of Findy credential

The Microsoft Authenticator app, which is widely used by many organisations for additional login verification, also functions as a identity wallet app that enables you to manage digital credentials. In Findynet’s playful demo, you can obtain a Friend of Findy credential that features your photo.

To submit your face photo, either select the ‘Choose file’ button or take a selfie using the ‘Take Selfie’ button. Once your photo appears on the page, click ‘Issue Credential’. Scan the QR code using the Microsoft Authenticator app and enter the four-digit number displayed below the code.

You can also present the credential by selecting ‘Show credential’ on the demo home page. When presenting the credential, the Authenticator app will take a picture of you and compare it to the picture stored in the credential. The similarity is then passed to the service requesting the credential as a percentage.

Friend of Findy demo

Your education data as digital credentials

Findynet has implemented a test service that allows you to create digital credentials of your educational data.

In the Finnish National Agency of Education’s Studyinfo service, you can create a link to your study data and forward it to Findynet’s test service. The test service generates a digital credential of each study module, which can be viewed in JSON or SVG format.

The demo also includes initial versions for transferring the proof to a wallet application that supports the OID4CVI protocol or for uploading all proofs at once to a wallet application that supports the Credential Handler API (CHAPI).

Studyinfo demo

Pensioner credential demos

At you can find simple demos to try out how to issue and receive pensioner credentials using credential agents from different software providers.

The page provides information on which wallet application to use with a specific credential agent.

The demo page also includes links to the pension credential content specifications, which consist of a glossary and a JSON-LD schema.

The credential agent demos have been developed as part of a pilot project with HSL and Kela. The project aims to create a solution for verifying eligibility for public transport ticket discounts.

Pensioner credential demos

Using digital credentials to apply for a job

This demo showcases the potential use of digital credentials in simplifying the job application process by streamlining form filling.

See the demo page for instructions on how to:

  • activate a CHAPI-compatible wallet application in your browser
  • acquire the required digital credentials
  • present acquired digital credentials in a fictional job application service
  • uninstall the identity wallet application

To accompany the demo, Findynet has set up a simple browser wallet application at

Job application demo


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