Findynet Cooperative is a non-profit, public-private collaborative organisation with its members representing a wide spectrum of industry sectors, all committed to enhancing digital trust and security across various aspects of society and economy

Finance Finland

Finance Finland (FFI) is the common voice of the Finnish financial sector and represents the interests of its members. Finance Finland represents banks, life and non-life insurers, employee pension companies, finance houses, fund management companies and securities dealers operating in Finland. Our members also include providers of statutory insurance lines, which account for much of Finnish social security.


The Social Insurance Institution is a state institution that provides basic social security for people living in Finland in different life situations. Kela’s customers are all persons covered by Finnish social security who live in Finland or abroad.


Nordea is the largest bank in the Nordic countries. Nordea has around 10 million household customers and around 0.6 million corporate customers.


Nixu is a cybersecurity company with a mission to keep the digital society running. The company helps organisations to use digitalisation safely and securely.

OP Group

OP Group is the largest financial group in Finland. OP has more than 4 million customers in Finland, of which around 1.7 million will be Osuuspankki’s owner-customers in 2016. The OP Group is based on local cooperative banks, which own the group’s central institution, OP Osuuskunta.


Posti Group Oyj is a Finnish company operating in postal, logistics and financial management services. The company is owned by the Finnish State.

Technology Industries of Finland

Technology Industries of Finland promotes competitiveness and the operational preconditions for technology industry, the largest and most important export sector in Finland. Technology Industries of Finland has about 1,800 member companies.


Tietoevry creates a digital advantage for businesses and society. Tietoevry is a digital services and software company that combines local expertise with global capabilities for the benefit of our customers.

Vastuu Group

Vastuu Group promotes the digitalisation of the built environment and helps companies in the sector to meet their legal obligations, thus increasing transparency and trust between the parties involved.

Our members are committed to enhancing digital trust and security across various aspects of society and economy

Membership in the Findynet Cooperative offers organizations the chance to enhance their visibility and credibility in the digital identity sector, enabling them to be at the forefront of developments through open public-private collaboration. Additionally, it provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and skill development in digital identity, as well as the opportunity to influence the cooperative’s decision-making and future developments.

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Findynet Cooperative promotes a network of trust between the private and public sectors – so that we can always interact seamlessly and safely. By becoming a member, your organisation will be able to participate in the cooperation, as well as influence the development and future of the network.

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