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The Internet enables a wide range of information sharing, communication, and transactions with various parties.

In many transactions, we need to provide information and proofs about ourselves from one entity to another. These proofs might be in the form of plastic cards, paper documents, or even PDF files, which can be cumbersome to manage. Moreover, the recipient of this information often has no effective means of ensuring that it is accurate, unchanged, and up-to-date.

Findynet implements solutions that make it easy for the parties involved in a transaction to trust each other.

Our solutions are ideal for increasing trust and efficiency, especially when interactions require information to be obtained from one party and delivered to another. In such multi-stakeholder situations, trust and efficiency can be enhanced by

  • digital credentials, i.e. digitally signed verified data
  • digital wallets, which are used to manage credentials, and
  • credential agents used by organisations to issue and receive digital credentials

Transactions based on verified information

Transactions are based on verified information. We use various documents daily, such as receipts, certifications, and permits, to prove something about ourselves and our rights. Transactions would not be possible if the recipients of these documents did not trust their authenticity or their issuer.

A large portion of proofs still come in the form of plastic cards, paper documents, or PDF files. Acquiring these proofs can be slow and laborious, and there aren’t always convenient ways to verify their authenticity. Sometimes they are trusted because the forger can be held accountable if the forgery is discovered, such as with work and study certificates. At times, a unique identifier, such as a barcode, is attached to proofs such as entry tickets and some permits, allowing verification from a database that a proof is still valid. Occasionally, the recipient of the proof may have to perform laborious verification procedures to ensure that the proof presented is authentic, issued to the person presenting it, and issued by the purported issuer.

Findynet is building a general-purpose method for issuing and using these proofs as digitally signed credentials, whose authenticity can be easily verified.

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Credential agent

The information needed for digital credentials and interactions is already largely in digital form within various organizations’ systems. To issue and receive this information in the form of digital credentials, software is required that manages, among other things, the identifiers linked to the credentials and their key management, the creation and verification of digital signatures, and connections to wallet applications. Findynet maintains a list of credential agents that are compatible with the technical support services we offer

You may also acquire a credential agent through Findynet.

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Seamless and secure transactions made possible by general-purpose digital credentials

The digitalization of society and services has created a growing need for the use of digital identity data in everyday transactions, such as government services, e-commerce, and social media services.

On the other hand, privacy concerns regarding the use of identity data are growing. Balancing the use of digital identity data with the protection of individuals has become a global challenge.

Findynet’s solutions are based on a model where both individuals and organizations control their own information through digital wallets. In this model, you decide what information about yourself to share and with whom – for example, with a public authority, a bank, or an online shop. You can precisely choose the information you wish to share, and should you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent to share your data at any time.

This approach grants you full control over your data, significantly reducing the risk of identity theft and simplifying the management of your personal information. The key point is that you, not companies or authorities, dictate the terms of how your data is shared.


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