So that we can always interact seamlessly and safely

Findynet Cooperative is creating the future of digital society where people and organizations can trust each other, as well as conduct business more effortlessly and worry-free. Through a joint trust network of the public and private sectors, we can all continue to interact seamlessly and safely. By investing in cooperation and advanced solutions, we meet the needs of the present moment and promote a fairer and more equal digital future.


We are developing the digital solutions of the future in open collaboration

We build trust between people and organisations, strengthening people’s and organisations’ right to their own information; our work is collaborative and open.

We do things together, fostering cooperation between actors and promoting common approaches, rules and solutions.

We work and communicate openly, welcome collaboration, use open standards, specifications and source code in our solutions, and share our outputs with others.

As a member of Findynet Cooperative you are one of the pioneers

Findynet Cooperative promotes a network of trust between the private and public sectors – so that we can always interact seamlessly and safely. By becoming a member, your organisation will be able to participate in the cooperation, as well as influence the development and future of the network.

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