Credential Agent as a Service

A credential agent is software used by organisations to issue and verify digital credentials. Credential agents of organisations and users’ digital wallets communicate with each other, enabling the secure issuance and verification of credentials. The credential agent manages tasks such as handling identifiers linked to credentials and their key management, creating and verifying digital signatures, and communication with users’ wallet applications.

Several solutions are available on the market for issuing and receiving digital credentials. Findynet compares agent solutions and selects the best ones for its customers and partners.

The credential agent is software that enables the issuing and receiving of digital credentials between users’ digital wallets and an organisation’s systems.

Through Findynet, you can choose from multiple vendor solutions the one that best suits your needs and technical environment.

Get the evidence agent you need, the way you want it

As a Findynet hosted solution

Findynet provides a credential agent as a service from its own environment and helps you to connect it to your organisation's systems.

From the vendor's cloud

The credential agent runs in the environment of the organization providing the software and integrates with your organization's systems via a REST interface.

In the cloud of your choice

You can install the credential agent in your desired cloud environment (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

In your own data centre

You can install the credential agent in your own environment and operate it yourself.

Solutions from different vendors

You can acquire the following credential agents through Findynet

SOWL allows for a step-by-step digitalization and decentralization for identification processes which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape.

esatus SOWL


The Digital Trust Suite is a family of software and services to easily build trustworthy relationships through the usage of portable and Verifiable Credentials, that are cryptographically secured, ensuring their authenticity and tamper-proof nature. Its provides capabilities to support the issuance, verification and revocation of Verifiable Credentials and the ancillary services required for their administration.

SICPA Digital Trust Suite

The fastest and simplest solution for issuing and verifying digital credentials directly to your users’ ID Wallets. Based on open standards and fully aligned with eIDAS 2.0.

Gataca Studio

Open-source identity & wallet infrastructure already used by thousands of developers, governments, and businesses across industries. Enterprise Stack

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