Revocation Registry

A revocation registry is needed to ensure that issued digital credentials are still valid. For example, if someone has been granted a licence or another type of credential which is later revoked, this information is updated in the revocation registry. This allows various parties, such as service providers or authorities, to check the current validity of the credential.

Findynet offers a revocation registry for checking the validity of credentials. You can implement our open-source solution at no charge or acquire the revocation registry as a service from Findynet.

How is the Revocation Registry Used?

Credential Registration: When a digital credential is issued, its validity status is registered in the revocation registry. If the credential is revoked or its validity ends, this information is updated in the registry.

Credential Verification: When a credential is used, the recipient can check its status from the revocation registry. The recipient can at any time later verify that the credential is still valid.

Credential Status Update: The credential issuer’s agent maintains the status of credentials in the revocation registry. New credentials are added, and revoked or expired credentials are marked as expired.

Functioning and technology of the Revocation Registry

The revocation registry provided by Findynet employs privacy-preserving Status List technology. This solution enables the verification of a credential’s status without disclosing the identity of the credential holder or the details of the credential itself. During the verification process, the focus remains solely on the credential’s validity, ensuring that neither the holder’s identity nor any other sensitive information is revealed.

Credential issuers have the flexibility to install the revocation registry in an environment of their choosing or to opt for it as a service offered by Findynet.

Within certain trust ecosystems, verifying the status of a credential may incur a fee. This approach helps distribute the value generated by digital credentials equitably among ecosystem participants. Verifiers benefit from streamlined processes and enhanced risk management, whereas credential issuers gain from the recognition and use of the authenticated information they provide.

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