TNO and Findynet donated Wallet Overview to OpenWallet Foundation

The Open Wallet Foundation has accepted a proposal by Findynet and TNO to take ownership and control of the open-source digital wallet and agent comparison matrix and establish a new special interest group to maintain it.

The digital wallet and agent overview is a framework that enables the comparison of digital wallets based on their characteristics, such as the technical capabilities they support. Digital wallets enable the holder to store credentials and to make presentations to verifiers.

The SSI wallet overview of the comparison framework, hosted in TNO’s Github repository, is focused on cloud and mobile applications for holders that can be used to store, manage, and present verifiable credentials. The SSI agent overview, forked into Findynet’s Github repository, extends the scope to include agents that can issue and verify verifiable credentials.

The overview was born when the Dutch research organization for applied science (TNO) began evaluating various digital wallets. One driver was to prioritize the development of connectors in the TNO EASSI gateway, but also to provide an independent and transparent overview. TNO invited SSI wallet vendors to fill in the data for the overview in order to keep the data as correct and up-to-date as possible.

The second version was developed when Findynet needed to evaluate SSI solutions for enterprise use. Findynet added more characteristics and functionality to the framework. Some of the Findynet additions are also merged into TNO’s version.

Together, TNO and Findynet proposed that the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) adopt the repository. We also proposed a new Special Interest Group (SIG) to be formed to further develop and maintain the digital wallet and agent overviews. The proposals were accepted on September 20th, 2023 in the OWF Technical Advisory Council meeting.

The new group should discuss the terminology and the scoping of the overview – whether the holder wallets and the issuer and verifier agents should be contained in one overview, or be split up into two.

TNO is an independent research organization making knowledge serve the common good.

Findynet Cooperative is building infrastructure for trusted communications and self-sovereign identity in Finland.

The OpenWallet Foundation is a consortium of companies and non-profit organization collaborating to drive global adoption of open, secure, and interoperable digital wallet solutions as well as providing access to expertise and advice.

For more information, please contact:
Samuel Rinnetmäki, CTO, Findynet Cooperative, tel. +358 40 534 4332,

Maaike van Leuken, SSI expert, TNO, +31 621 435 173,

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