Findynet Test Network launched

We are proud to announce the launch of the Findynet Test Network – the first milestone in our roadmap to build a national trust network of verified data. Digital credentials are the cornerstone of future trust-based business, and the Findynet Test Network is the perfect place to explore and familiarise yourself with their potential future business opportunities.

An excellent development platform for digital wallets and proofs

The newly announced Test Network provides a flexible and secure platform for the development and testing of digital wallet use cases. Digital wallet service providers can use it not only to develop wallet implementations, but also to test the interoperability of different wallets without the efffort and time of setting up and maintaining a trust registry.

Focus on simplicity, security and scalability of technologies and services

The Findynet Test Network is based on open source Hyperledger Indy technology, which supports the issuance, management, sharing and verification of digital credentials. The use of the test network, maintained by Findynet, is facilitated by a web-based wallet management portal. To ensure performance and fault tolerance, the Test Network operates in a Microsoft Azure environment, providing a secure and reliable cloud service.

Welcome to the pioneer ecosystem!

Your organisation does not need to be a member of the Findynet Cooperative to use the Test Network. Instead, we welcome users from other organisations, even outside the cooperative, to join the Test Network. Joining the Findynet Test Network offers a unique opportunity to develop, test and productise new services using digital wallets as part of a pioneering ecosystem.

Learn more about the service here or contact our team directly ( and we will take you on a fast-paced journey into the world of digital wallets!

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