Findynet initiates OpenID Federation implementation

Findynet is pleased to announce the launch of its OpenID Federation server implementation. This strategic initiative, funded by Findynet, will be executed by Sphereon and Northern Block, based on Findynet’s requirement specification. The core functionality will be made available under an open-source license, promoting transparency and collaboration within the community.


Our call for proposals for a Federated Trust Node attracted significant interest, with multiple submissions and inquiries. Notably, the authors of the OpenID Federation specification have offered their expertise and advisory support during the implementation phase.

“We see OpenID Federation as the optimal solution for building a network of trust,” states Samuel Rinnetmäki, CTO of Findynet. “After evaluating various approaches, we selected OpenID Federation for its practical and robust framework. We are pleased to see its increasing adoption across different sectors.”

The Findynet board has selected the proposal from Sphereon and Northern Block, which aligns well with the requirements regarding deliverables, timeline, and budget.

The core functionality, encompassing low-level libraries, REST APIs, and essential components, will be released as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. This includes an OpenAPI Explorer interface, Docker containers, and Docker compose files.

In addition to the open-source core, the project will also deliver a trust registry application. This application will integrate with the APIs and provide a web-based user interface for managing registry data.

Maarten Boender, CEO of Sphereon, states: “OpenID Federation is crucial for advancing the decentralised identity landscape, ensuring global interoperability, scalability, and robust security. We are grateful for Findynet’s support and look forward to collaborating with Northern Block on this significant project, which is poised for global adoption.”

Mathieu Glaude, CEO of Northern Block, adds, “We are pleased to see Findynet leveraging trust registries to enhance digital trust within the Finnish ecosystem. Achieving digital trust requires robust, governance-backed systems, and we are proud to contribute our solutions to this initiative.”

Markus Hautala, CEO of Findynet, expresses confidence in the partnership, “We are excited to work with Sphereon and Northern Block. Both companies are recognised leaders in developing infrastructure for verifiable credentials. We trust their expertise to deliver the solutions we need.”

Findynet Cooperative is a non-profit, public-private collaborative organisation developing a general-purpose, shared, and secure trusted network for verifiable data.

Sphereon is a leading provider of digital identity solutions, with a particular focus on sectors with stringent regulatory requirements.

Northern Block is a Canadian technology provider renowned for enabling trusted digital interactions within ecosystems.

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