Findynet OpenID Federation implementation status events

Follow and influence our implementation of OpenID Federation protocol by joining the bi-monthly status-sharing events. In these webinars, Findynet and implementation partners – Sphereon and Northern Block – will share the latest information about the project’s status.

In May, 2024, we initiated our implementation project for a Federated Trust Node with Sphereon and Northern Block.

On June 18th, we arranged the first public status-sharing webinar. We will organize similar events every two months, on Wednesdays at 5 PM Central European Time / 8 AM Pacific Time. Join the webinars to keep track of the implementation project, learn how to deploy and configure the interfaces, and comment and discuss.

You can follow the implementation progress by watching the GitHub repository Sphereon-Opensource/OpenID-Federation where you can also submit issues if you find bugs or want to suggest changes.

The OpenAPI specification of the interfaces can be found at SwaggerHub. The docker images will be released in DockerHub. Feel free to try out the project deliverables as soon as they are released.